The Island (lyrics from an unused song)

I was on the island
I was on the island with you

We were both our younger selves again, just like before
While I sat on the bed you looked down at the floor
You hadn’t realised what we’d lost
What I would cost

It’s been four years
Maybe I’d still try and dry your tears
So why are you here
Maybe you’re just another fear
That I won’t address or confess

But this is all just a dream
A dream so meta that I could only wake up from a nightmare
I doubt the real you would care
But I’ll never know cause I won’t call or message you
I’m at a point where I can admit, I didn’t deserve your puffy eyes
Or your silky hair
I’m at a point in my life where I can admit,
Dreaming awake seems to be my mistake
Yeah dreaming awake is always a mistake


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