It’s Been 1095 Days & My Beard Still Hasn’t Grown (Strung pt.2)

I’ve thought about cultivating a beard
For the last three years
While struggling to grow as a person
I just want you to tell me there’s some good
Left in me
‘Cause I feel like I was born with a leak
And everything that could’ve been profound within me
Just left

When your puffy eyes look at mine
I’m not looking for you to tell me what I want to hear
I like that you’re honest
I don’t want to rush too fast into all of this
‘Cause I’m scared of hurting you
And if I could stop that voice that doubts me
I’d replace it with your voice that’s calming me

I’ve spent the last four months
Obsessing over all my faults
And why they’re my fault
I promised myself that if I ever felt like this again
I’d give myself the chance
Happiness scares me and so does taking chances

I don’t think I deserve your pastel glow
But I just want you to know
That I appreciate everything you make me feel
And I’ll be thinking all of this when you’re laid next to me
Yet I’m still smiling at half three wanting to say
I’m really glad you like me because I really wanted you to.


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