The Night Nadeen Meeran Came Into My Dream

Twist around the words on my tongue
Feel the aching in my chest
I think I’m losing myself again
While dreaming about a better me
But isn’t a better me just a different version
Of the person I am now
So is he really better?

I’m waiting for the curls in my hair
To straighten themselves
But we know that’s never happening

I’m avoiding white tops
So I don’t spill my emotions over it
Cause I know both blood and wine stain
It’s been a few years and I’m not the same

Turn around and face the emotions behind your eyes
Feel the tiredness of my neck
From holding my head up high in imaginary skies
Maybe I just let myself down for a bit
I wanna let body rest by my mind’s always at work
So I’ll let my bones feel the heat
While my skin burns

I’m avoiding my house
Cause the same three walls keep blocking the fourth
Causing me to lose my third dimension
I’m fearing that everyone can see my insecurities
Through the glass ceiling I call myself


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